We're ready to buy your used car outright, even if you don't buy one of ours

At Bournival Jeep, we will be happy to make you an exceptionally strong cash offer on your used car, truck or SUV and we will buy it now, even if you aren't interested in buying a car from us. All you have to do is complete the Edmunds Value Your Trade tool, bring your car and a copy of that offer to us and, if you prefer, we can simply give you cash for your current vehicle. You can use that money to get your next vehicle anywhere you want.

The highest prices in history for your used car, made possible by a global electronics shortage

This is actually an amazingly good time to sell your used vehicle to us at Bournival Jeep, whether you live in Rochester or Dover NH. The reason is primarily because of the worldwide shortage of chips, or electronic semiconductors, that go into building new cars. The shortage of chips means a shortage of new cars, so buyers are turning to used cars. That high demand means your current car is worth more than you might ever imagine.

Another great option: Use our amazingly high trade-in offer to get a better new or used car

Of course, if you're open to getting your next car, truck or SUV from us, we'll be happy to give you an equally generous trade-in offer. Just like our cash offers, the Edmunds trade-in value we can provide you today is probably at the highest level ever. When you can get more value for your present car, you can apply that amount to your next car and drive away with more than you thought: A higher-level model, more upscale features, or both.

Our generous cash or trade-in offer gives you advantages not possible before

Your present car's remarkably high value can open up a lot of doors. You can take that very high value and subtract it from the selling price of the vehicle you're interested in. The result may not only be a lower net price, but you could end up with lower monthly payments and still get an outstanding vehicle to drive back to your home in Salem NH or Haverhill MA. Or you can use the extra money to upgrade the vehicle itself. It's a win-win.

Selling or trading-in your vehicle to us is the easiest way to get into your next car

Selling your current car, truck or SUV to us couldn't be much easier. It means you don't have to go through the complications of detailing and repairing your car so it's ready to sell. You don't have to spend days, weeks or even longer until you find a legitimate buyer. We handle all the headaches for you while you simply browse our online inventory to find your next car. Then bring us your car and your trade-in offer and we'll help with all the details.

We'll sweeten the deal even more with incentives and special offers on your next car

Check out our monthly used vehicle specials and incentive offers, including reduced pricing and affordable financing. To make the best use of your time, fill out our online financing application and get pre-approved in advance. We have lots of ways to make your money go farther at Bournival Jeep, so find the vehicle you really want and contact us soon for a test drive.