Jeep Cooling & Heating in Portsmouth, NH


Your Jeep is there for you in all types of terrain and all types of weather, seeing you through your daily commutes to work and some of your most exciting travels. Through it all, your Jeep offers you a comfortable experience, with plush upholstery, multi-zone climate control, and a host of convenience features. Yet, if something goes wrong with your cooling or heating service, you'll find that your ride becomes a whole lot less comfortable, and you'll be sweating or freezing your way from place to place.

Bournival Jeep offers cooling and heating services for your Jeep, as well as for other vehicle makes. Our experienced service technicians can diagnose the problem quickly and make expert repairs that will have you enjoying long drives in any kind of weather again. We also offer routine cooling and heating service to ensure that your systems stay in top condition to save you money and give you optimal performance. 

Heating and Cooling System Components

Your vehicle's heating and cooling system has many components, and any of them could cause trouble for the poor temperature regulation in your vehicle's cabin. 

The air conditioning system includes the:

  • Compressor, responsible for moving refrigerant through the system to produce cool air
  • Evaporator, which pumps refrigerant and removes heat and moisture from the outside air
  • Condenser, which cools the refrigerant before returning it to the compressor

The system also includes many hoses and connectors that work together. If any of these parts are loose or broken, fluids can leak and the system can break down.

The heating system includes the:

  • Heater core, which warms the cabin by using hot coolant from the engine
  • Heater control valve, which collects hot coolant from the engine and directs it to the heater core
  • Heater hoses

You may not know that any of these components are experiencing a problem until your heating or cooling stops working properly. Even then, you may not know exactly what component is causing the breakdown. Our service technicians can quickly diagnose your vehicle to find out what components are causing the trouble, and to determine if there are conditions leading to larger, system-wide issues. We'll also inspect your system for signs of any impending problems, and we'll provide the necessary maintenance to keep the system running smoothly. 

Signs that Your System Needs Attention

There are many signs that your vehicle may be experiencing trouble with its heating and cooling systems. Some of the most common symptoms include: 

  • A lack of cool or warm air when the system is on
  • Reduced air circulation (or no air circulation at all)
  • Long time to cool or heat the vehicle
  • Puddles under the vehicle (from leaking coolant)
  • Strange smell coming from the vents (musty, mildewy, moldy, or otherwise foul smell)
  • Strange knocking noise 

Any knocking noises coming from your cooling system are likely coming from the compressor, and you should bring your vehicle in for service right away. Foul smells coming from the vents are a sign that your filter needs to be changed. Not only can the filter trap smells, but it can also harbor bacteria, so it's important that it is changed regularly. 

Other problems with the system can be caused by a variety of components, so it's important that you have a service technician inspect your vehicle as soon as possible to understand what's going on. In some cases, your system may just need more coolant. In other cases, it may need new parts or other repairs. 

It's important that you get these issues addressed as soon as possible. Problems with your heating and cooling system are not just a matter of your comfort (or discomfort, as it were if your system isn't working). The system is closely related to the same system that keeps your engine at the appropriate temperature. Any problems could mean that your engine is at risk of overheating, which can leave you stranded on the side of the road and cause bigger problems for you. 

Heating and Cooling Service

You don't have to wait until your vehicle's heating or cooling system is having trouble to get it serviced. You should schedule a regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that the system remains in good condition so that you can prevent major repairs (and save yourself a lot of money).

You should plan to have your heating and cooling system checked out at least once a year. However, some recommend that you have the system inspected twice a year - once before the start of the summer, and once before the start of the winter. Essentially, you want to be sure that your system is ready for the season ahead. It's far better to do that than to wait until the system breaks down in the middle of the season, when temperatures are at their most extreme and you will be at your most uncomfortable without those systems. 

The service visit will involve an inspection of the system, and will include replacement of the filter (if necessary) and topping up any fluids (if necessary). 

You should also plan to have the coolant flushed every 30,000 miles. Doing so will keep the fluid clear of any debris or buildup that could clog up the system and put too much strain on it. A regular coolant flush will ensure that everything is moving through the system freely and that all parts are working in harmony. 

Schedule Your Heating and Cooling Service at Bournival Jeep

Call Bournival Jeep today to schedule a routine heating and cooling service for your Jeep or other vehicle, or to schedule an inspection if you are having trouble with your systems. Our service technicians are some of the most talented and experienced in the Portsmouth area, and they will quickly identify what is causing your vehicle trouble and make the right repair with the right parts so that you get the best performance. We partner with you to ensure that your vehicle has a long and healthy lifespan so you can enjoy miles and miles more fun.