NH State Inspections


In New Hampshire, the Division of Motor Vehicles has very specific requirements for the inspection vehicles must undergo to ensure they can safely drive on roads statewide while having a low environmental impact. All vehicles must regularly undergo a proper safety inspection and 1996 and newer vehicles must pass the smog test and the vehicle emissions inspections. If you are new to New Hampshire or need to renew your vehicle registration, Bournival Jeep has the trained, certified, experienced technicians and specialized equipment to enable you to pass the New Hampshire safety and emission inspection. 

New Residents

When you move to New Hampshire, you have 10 days to visit an authorized New Hampshire inspection station to have your automobile inspected and registered with the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles. Once the inspection is complete, you are given a New Hampshire vehicle inspection sticker. That sticker is valid for the same length of time as the vehicle's registration. Each year you must have your car re-inspected. For people who have antique vehicles, the registration must always be renewed in April of each year. 

New Hampshire Car Inspection Requirements

The Department of Motor Vehicles in New Hampshire has some specific safety and emissions inspection requirements. Annual inspections must be completed at least by the end of the vehicle owner's birth month. People new to New Hampshire who want to register their vehicle in the state for the first time must complete a vehicle emission and safety inspection. If the dealership hasn't performed the inspection on a vehicle they sold, it's the responsibility of the buyer to get it done. People who purchase used vehicles in New Hampshire must have them inspected to register them in the state. 

If your vehicle's current inspection sticker will expire soon, you must have your vehicle inspected by an authorized organization like Bournival Jeep. Once an inspection is complete, the vehicle's owner will be given a vehicle information report containing the inspection results. This information will also be automatically uploaded to the Department of Motor Vehicles in New Hampshire. The company performing the inspection will then affix an inspection sticker to the windshield of the vehicle. The sticker will contain the vehicle's identifying information and the next inspection date.

Maintenance And Repair Services

If an automobile fails the inspection, the technicians at Bournival Jeep have the tools, training, genuine replacement parts, expertise, and equipment to make the needed repairs to ensure the vehicle can pass inspection. The team will identify the problem and make the owner aware of it. They will then make the required repairs and retest the vehicle to ensure it passes both the physical inspection and the emission test all vehicles must pass to legally operate in the state of New Hampshire. Bournival Jeep has earned a stellar reputation for having the ability to make even the most complex repairs vehicles need to pass the New Hampshire vehicle inspection.

Motorcycle Inspection Requirements

Motorcycle owners in New Hampshire don't have to get inspections by the end of their birth month each year. The Department of Motor Vehicles in New Hampshire requires motorcycle owners to register their bikes every six months. Plus, they have to be inspected within 10 days before they are registered. All motorcycles must be registered by July 1 each year. Motorcycles that are 40 years and older and registered as antiques must be registered every 2 years. 

Inspection Of Antique Vehicles 

Vehicle owners who want to register an antique automobile in the Department of Motor Vehicles in New Hampshire don't have to have the vehicle inspected by the end of their birth month. Antique vehicles must be registered according to the following schedule:

  • Vehicles that are under 40 years old must be registered by April 30 every year.
  • Vehicles over 40 years old must register by April 30 biennially.

Company-Owned Vehicle Inspections

Automobiles that are owned by corporations must follow a different timeline when it comes to getting them inspected. The vehicles are required to be inspected based on the first letter in the company's name or number. Non-descriptive words including "the" or "a" are not considered when assigning an inspection month. For example, with "The Acme Corporation" "Acme" is considered to be the first word.

The inspection schedule is as follows:

January - The letters A and B, and the number 1.
February - The Letter C, and the number 2.
March - The letters D and E, and the number 3.
April - The letters F and G, and the number 4.
May - The letters H and I, and the number 5.
June - The letters J, K, and L, and the number 6.
July - The letter M, as well as the number 7.
August - The letter N, and the number 8.
September - The letters O, P, and Q, and the number 9.
October - The letters R and S, and the number 0.
November - The letters T and U.
December - The letters V, W, X, Y, and Z.

Safety Testing And Emissions Inspection Exemptions

In New Hampshire, the only vehicles that are exempt from safety testing and emission inspections are ones the federal government owns. For automobiles that are owned by companies and private individuals, the state of New Hampshire does not offer exemptions from the safety testing and emissions inspections. The only automobiles that are exempt from emission inspections are electric vehicles. All other vehicles must take and pass both emissions and safety inspections to be registered.


Automobile Inspection Stations and Fees

Automobile owners in New Hampshire can get safety and inspection tests at a large number of inspection stations or vehicle dealerships licensed by the state. All the Inspection stations must post notices showing they have been approved by the state. The companies that do the safety and emissions in New Hampshire are privately owned, therefore prices for the inspections can range from $20 to $50. If you want your vehicle to pass the emissions and safety tests, contact Bournival Jeep.